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If you want to move to a country where the sun shines all year around, where there is no tax, which is one of the most technological advanced in the world and the quality of life is nothing short of amazing then working in Dubai may be for you. As a growing economy (even during the credit crunch), there are always job opportunities in Dubai that may be of interest.

The great thing is that if you have sufficient experience, salaries can be quite high as there is a shortage of skilled staff from the ‘Western world’. Often you find people in management and above roles are those that earn the highest.

There are plenty of job seekers in Dubai since it is the land of opportunity and as a result, many recruitment agencies have been established. There are plenty who cater for expats with most of their staff being English speaking. The recruitment process is quite different of that in the UK and can be long and frustrating. If you are planning on finding a job in the city, then either try to arrange your interviews beforehand or you may need to stay for at least a few weeks if you are lucky to have an interview arranged. That said, you also need to consider what you will do about moving to Dubai when you do finally take the plunge.