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Dubai Flights

Flights to Dubai From London Airports

Dubai Flights

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Dubai Flight

Dubai Flights


If you are travelling to the United Arab Emirates sometime soon, there are numerous Dubai flights that can be found. Depending on the time of year you travel, you can found plenty of cheap deals with lots of various airline carriers.


A Video of Dubai Airport

Dubai has become a very popular destination so naturally there are lots of airlines that operate to the Emirate from locations throughout the UK.

The three main London airports which are Heathrow, Gatwick and Standsted conduct flights to Dubai on a daily basis from carriers such as Emirates, Etihad, Lufthansa, British Airways (BA), Virgin, Gulf Air and lots more.

If you live in Central England then flights to Dubai from Birmingham International Airport and Manchester are also easily accessible. These, just like the London airports are very busy in that they manage flights to the UAE. Glasgow airport in Scotland also services flights to Dubai

In addition, if you are travelling from Ireland, Dublin to Dubai flights are also available.

Because Dubai is strategically located in Asia, it is often used as a ‘stopover’ where people can attach to connecting flights to other global destinations. The Far East, Australasia and the Indian Ocean are all popular locations.

If you like to travel in luxury, you may want to consider travelling in business class to Dubai. Although the cost can be considerably greater, the difference between both economy and business is quite evident. For example, on Gulf Air, the seats actually lay completely flat 180 degrees so you can sleep comfortably. When it comes to eating, you are given a menu which contains a choice of starters, main course and desert. It almost feels like you are in your own restaurant in the sky and cannot be compared to the ‘microwavable’ food that is given in plastic containers in economy.

Before you make your booking, you may want to check various sources to ensure you have gotten yourself the best deal. Many of these offers can be found from reputable brands like Expedia, eBookers, Cheap Flights and Lastminute.

Whether you are looking for cheap low cost flights or business class, there are plenty to be found online. Simply on the links below to find some of the best rates available.