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Living in Dubai Can Be a Dream Come True

It's the ultimate dream; plenty of sun, sea, a beachfront property surrounded by your friends and family and a job that pays you through the roof. It doesn't have to be a dream anymore if you're thinking about living in Dubai.


Before you move to the Emirate, no doubt there are plenty of things you need to think about. Below is an overview of some of these considerations.


Living in Dubai with Children

If you have a family particularly children and are thinking about moving to Dubai, its obviously going to be quite a worrying time for you. There are many things you need to think about, for example the first and foremost is their education. Unlike the UK, schooling is not free in the Emirate and in fact can be quite expensive depending on where they study and how many children you have.

The good news is that there are plenty of British and American based schools in the City. Costs will vary but what one should know is most of them are not cheap. Costs therefore need to be factored in for their fees, uniforms, trips etc when you plan your budget. The majority of expat salary packages generally include schooling but it's always best to ask for this from the outset so there are no hidden surprises afterwards.


General Cost of Living in Dubai

Life in Dubai can be as good or as bad as you make it. Most people go to Dubai to make their life better from a financial and a quality of life perspective. This is completely a lifestyle choice.

With regards to the basic costs, the majority of your outgoings will tend to be mainly from accommodation rental, school fees and your grocery shopping. Do not be under any illusion that Dubai is cheap because it is not. However, saying that, if you are a UK expat and are good at your job, you may be lured into a role which has fantastic benefits. It's not uncommon to have all your accommodation, school fees and bills paid for by organisations.

Telephone calls to the UK and US aren't too expensive and all local calls in Dubai are free.

Grocery shopping can cost you anything between £500 - £1000 per month but it all depends on your personal preferences.

Food is actually on par with the UK in terms of fast food so its not too cheap.

The only thing that you'd expect to be very cheap is fuel. No surprises there from a State that produces oil.

The best way to maximise on reducing these outgoings is to try and negotiate a deal with your employers, the more benefits you can receive, the better. This then leaves you with potentially more tax free money in your pocket at the end of each month.

Renting in Dubai
Renting a property in Dubai isn't actually that difficult. The recession has had a mediocre effect on the Emirate with property and rent prices dropping signification. As a result, those that could not previously afford to live in Dubai have now realise they can. Rents have almost halved in the last few years as a result of the global credit crisis in addition to the massive oversupply of properties.

When you do rent, you need to consider costs such as air conditioning which can cost on average between £100-£200 per month depending on the time of season. Its always better to try and get the cost of this included with your accommodation package.

Before you embark on a trying to find the ultimate rental property, do remember that you are sometimes required to pay at least 6 months of rent, if not 12 months. There is a law that states that landlords cannot increase the rental price for a minimum of 2 years. If you do stay longer than two years then sometimes these increases can be quite high. We've heard of between 10 - 25 % in some cases.


Where to Live in Dubai
This will depend on your financial status and just like in any city of the world, Dubai is not different. If you are an expat, there are many options available; the majority of Europeans, Americans and Australians tend to live in the upmarket area of Downtown Dubai near the marina. This comprises of mostly high-end apartment blocks. Most actually live within the business district or in the vicinity of Sheikh Zayed Road as this is one of the major hubs of the City. If you enjoy a luxury lifestyle and are looking for somewhere flamboyant and somewhere which screams luxury, then there are many communities of Villas that can be found. These include 'The Greens', 'The Springs' 'Arabian Ranches' and also the Palm Islands.

If you are on a budget then you may want to look slightly further out a field to the Northern Emirates such as Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah (which has a large expat population) or even Fujairah. Sharjah is only a short drive from Dubai but tends to be more suited to those from a Muslim background as it is a very strict Emirate in terms of Shariah Law.


Expats Living in Dubai
If you are an Expat living in Dubai, you will no doubt appreciate how friendly and multi-cultural this remarkable city is. The majority of the population in Dubai is made up of expatriates who have made the City their home. If you are from the 'Western' world then you will notice that there is quite a large representation from the United Kingdom (UK), Ireland, USA, and other European Countries. Dubai also has lots of expats from South Africa, Australia and also from Eastern Europe.

The majority however are made up from South Asia like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh who are responsible for the development of infrastructure and manual labour. People from the Philippines also have a presence mostly in the corporate hospitality sector too.

As a result of all these different communities, there is a great deal of things to do, for example if you want to go to an Irish Pub and celebrate St Patrick's Day then this isn't a problem at all.

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