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Dubai Car Hire Hire is A Great Way to See the City


Dubai Car Rental

Dubai Car Hire is A Great Way to See the City


So you want to hire a car in Dubai? Worry not as there are literally lots of places where you can get a good discount.


When looking at car rentals the most important factor to most people is price. This is true but one must also consider car rental companies reputation and how professional they are. You could probably rent a car for a relatively cheap and competitive price but if the company you are dealing with is intent on charging you for damage that was NOT caused by you then there’s not really much you can do. Not that this is common practice, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. This is one of the many advantages of ensuring your reservation is with one of the local branches of an international carlease firm in the UAE.


In terms of obtaining prime value for money, one of the best ways is to go on the web and finding a company that will allow you flexibility and obviously the best online rental car rate. If you've arranged it so you can pick it up from the airport, then this saves you using a taxi, metro or the buses.


Dubai has one of the world's best airports and it is getting better all the time. Looking more like a grand shopping mall and full of tax free shopping, it’s no surprise that Dubai airport car hire is a very easy thing to do. As a result, departures at the Dubai International Airport terminal (DXB) has all the facilities you need to book car hire


Who needs a chauffeur driven limousine when you can have your own vehicle at only a fraction of the cost? The roads in the Emirates are spectacular and are like in the Western World so you can go sightseeing anytime of the day or night and create your own Dubai tours. Prior to heading out, it might be worth making a note of all the suggested day trips that you want to go on so you can plan your route effectively. The last thing you want is to be caught in attrocious traffic. Because Dubai has a tropical climate, if you are looking to hire a 4x4, some come with a built in fridge which is ideal for long journeys on hot days. All cars will come with air conditioning and provided you have a map or GPS and getting around is not difficult at all. Depending on the fleet of of vehicles available, you might be spoilt for choice, again this depends on your timing.


Reputable names such as Avis, Hertz, Sixt and Europcar all operate in Dubai and have very distinctive offices. You can't miss them (literally) as they are located the moment you pass passport control onto the way out of the airport. Firms like these are renowned and therefore offer a good standard of customer services. Exactly what you need when you are away from home. You may be able to haggle with them and benefit from some special offers. Again this also depends on the time of year you visit.


What is good is that you can always try and attempt to select a bigger and better vehicle. Do not always settle with what you are given as you can always negotiate for something better at either a fraction of a cost more, or for free depending on your negotiating skills. Peak times tend to be January to April when the weather is not as hot as the summer sunshine which can be in the late 40s (centigrade). You don't need to speak Arabic as the majority of people speak English. If you have special needs or requirements then you might want to find this our prior to your journey.


The fuel price in Dubai is nothing compared to how expensive it is in the UK and the rest of Europe so it’s maybe worth hiring a vehicle which has a slightly larger engine size or in other words, a luxury car or one that is a four wheel drive automatic as an example. As an oil producing state you can benefit from cheap fuel.


In order to rent a car in Dubai, you will need proof of identity such as your passport and a driving license, these are an absolute must. It is best to obtain an international driver's license since this is the preferred license of choice and will save a lot of potential hassle. You can do this at a Post Office at a very nominal cost. Just take a copy of your UK license and some ID with you.


Remember that vehicles are left hand drive and we urge drivers to take precaution as Dubai is notorious for its bad drivers and accidents. The government is always looking at new and innovative ways to reduce the number of accidents though.


Before you visit the Emirate, it might be worth looking at a map of Dubai, this will allow you to get an idea of where all the major attractions are and plan your journey effectively with your newly rental car. You may want to go out further afield to the other Emirates not just Dubai and Abu Dhabi but, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm All Qaiwain, Sharjah, Al Ain, Fujairah, and Ajman.


If you want to stay local then there are many places to head to. Shaykh Zayed Road is the main 'dual carriageway' and connects you to Abu Dhabi and the Northern Emirates. It is also the central point to the Dubai City district. This runs parallel to Jumeirah Road which takes you straight to the beach where you can indulge in the delightful views of the Arabian Gulf.


Sometimes for example there are instances where you might actually land at an alternative airport such as Abu Dhabi and want to hire a car from a different location such as in Dubai itself. With some of the larger companies, they may allow you to return the car at a different point from where you took it from. You need to check this with the provider and clarify this with the.


What we would suggest however is that before you part with any cash, you may want to get in touch with your tour operators to see if car rental & leasing is included in the package. If they do and you are traveling with your family, you may be able to obtain information on a large saloon or a jeep so that it is not just comfortable for the passengers, but also so that it can accommodate your baggage. If it is not an option, then it may be available as part of a package or you may have to do the above and find a hire car manually.