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Weather in Dubai


If you are planning on visiting the United Arab Emirates (UAE) then its always a good idea to understand the climate. The weather in Dubai can be either hot, or extremely hot depending on which time of the year you want to visit.


Overall, the summer weather in Dubai is incredibly hot and dry with average highs in excess of 40 degrees centigrade (around 104 degrees Fahrenheit). The night time average is also around the 30 degrees mark so it can be a little too hot for some people. You will rarely find any rain during the summer.

The summer weather in Dubai really starts about May time and goes all the way through June, July, August and then eventually starts to drop a little in September.

The winter months are generally between December, January and February falling slightly into March. It is still quite warm with a more manageable average of 23C throughout the day and 14C at night.

Although it hardly rains, this is probably the best time of the year you will expect to find rain.

Even though the Emirate has sufficient air conditioning in cars, malls and apartments, one must still be quite cautious when going out into the blistering heat. This is one of the reasons why the shopping malls are open at night so people can be more comfortable when its not too hot.

The weather in Dubai is overall very hot, and the best time to visit is between January and February when temperatures are hot but bearable and you can really appreciate your visit to this magic city.