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About Dubai - General Tourist Information


If you want to learn a bit about Dubai then there is plenty to learn. Below is some brief information about the Emirate that you will find useful.


Weather in Dubai

One of the many attractions to Dubai is its tropical climate. On average the sun shines about 360 days per year. When it's hot it is EXTREMELY hot in the summer. If you are someone who cannot handle intense heat then it's recommended to stay away from the months of May to September when the daily average is well above 40 degrees centigrade.


The best time of year therefore to visit Dubai then is from December to March when it is quite cool. You may even experience the odd shower here and there but it is ideal weather for people such as Europeans who like warm weather but not too hot. It's also a great time to hit the fairway and enjoy the attractions that the City has to offer.


What are the Dubai Currency and also the Foreign Exchange Rules?

The currency in Dubai is the Dirham which is used throughout the United Arab Emirates, Dirham notes are available in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 500 & 1000. Each Dirham is divided into 100 Fils. These are available in Dhs 1, 0.5, 0.25, 0.10 & 0.05.


The UAE is quite strict on the import of foreign currency so if you bring in more than 40,000 AED then you will have to declare this to customs as you enter the country. Once in the country, you can exchange as much money as you want in many of the beureaus that are available throughout the whole of Dubai and the Emirates. If you need money straightaway there are many places available at Dubai Airport.


For those of you who swear by using plastic, for one of the world's shopping capitals, pretty much all Cards are accepted. This means you Visa, AMex, MasterCard & Diners Club are all accepted with open arms. Dubai is full of cash points in all the shopping malls and various other places so if you need access to money, it is readily available. Typically, the ATMs do provide possibly the best rates for Foreign exchange even with all transfer fees added in. For the best rates, traveller's cheques are probably best although most people tend to use Card and Cash.


Tourist Information

A travel visa is valid for up to 30 days after which you will need to re-apply for the relevant visa you require.



If you are travelling from the UK then Dubai and the UAE are considered to be clean and therefore do not really require any immunisations. If you taking any young children with you then you may need to take some anti-malarial medication as a precaution. Please refer to your GP for clarification as information is always subject to change.


Emergency Services

We hope that your trip is a pleasant one. If however you require the assistance of any of the emergency services, you can call the numbers below;


Fire Service


Ambulance Service





The Working Week

Unlike the UK where we work from Monday to Friday. Dubai and the rest of the United Arab Emirates works from Sunday until Thursday from 7am until 3pm or the usual 9am - 5pm. This however tends to only be for public services as most private businesses work around the Monday to Friday rule.

The Kingdom that Mourns

One must remember that the UAE is still run by a ruling family. Therefore whenever a member of the royal family, a senior government minister, or another member of a ruling family from another Emirate passes away, there are three days of mourning.