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Dubai Culture

Dubai Culture & Dubai Traditions


Before visiting Dubai, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with the cultures, traditions and customs to make your trip a pleasant one and one where do not end up in an embarrassing situation.


One must remember that Dubai s a muslim country and Islam is the national faith. One must ensure that offence is not caused and therefore below are a few of the traditions and customs in Dubai that we would recommend that you adhere to.


Dress Modestly: It is advised that women do not wear any skirts that are higher up than the knees. Tops should not be too revealing as this could cause offence and embarrassment if the police get involved. In an ideal scenario, an ankle length skirt would be good and a modest top.


Men are advised to also ensure that they are not in revealing clothing for example, tops should not be too revealing such as vests etc. Walking around in no top is definitely a no no (even if its boiling). The only exception is the beach.

Eating and Drinking during Ramadan: Ramadan is the holy month where no muslim (from puberty onwards) eats from sunrise until sunset. To show respect towards those that are fasting, it is not recommended that you eat openly or publicly during daylight hours as this may cause offence.


Shaking hands with the opposite gender: As part of Islamic culture, some women or men do not shake hands with members of the opposite gender. If you are a man, do not shake a woman’s hand unless she puts her hand out first. You may notice that instead of shaking hands, some people may put their hands on their hearts, this is also like an acknowledgment. To greet someone, it is a good idea to say, “Assalaam U Alaikum”, which means “peace and blessings of God be with you”.


Friday Prayer: Friday is generally a holiday in the middle east and in Dubai. It is a religious day as Friday prayer or “Jummah prayer” as it is known is offered in the afternoon.


Alcohol Consumption: The United Arab Emirates is a dry state which means no public alcohol consumption is allowed. Dubai however is slightly more relaxed within reason. If you are a non muslim, you will require a special license to consume alcohol at home. Public consumption of alcohol is illegal and could result in imprisonment or a huge fine.


Most hotels in Dubai have bars, nightclubs and pubs where alcohol is publicly available so this should not be a problem if you enjoy a tipple.