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Dubai Nightlife

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Dubai Nightlife


No cosmopolitan city would be complete if it did not have a good nightlife. The nightlife in Dubai is amongst the best in the whole of the middle east and definitely competes with the top places in the world. After a hard day’s work, the best way to unwind is to go out and enjoy yourself with friends, family and colleagues.


Although Dubai is a muslim country, it is very tolerant of nightclubs and people enjoying themselves as it has a large expat population. Most hotels have nightclubs in Dubai and you are free to drink alcohol in the confines of these establishments. You will not however be allowed to drink alcohol publicly on the streets as it the norm with western (non Muslim) countries. Laws MUST be observed here otherwise you WILL get arrested. There are many nightclubs and pubs in Dubai which one can choose from, one of these are the 360 Bar Dubai. A number of nightclubs are beginning to acquire resident DJs who are renowned in places such as London.


If you are not a drinker and do not like bars, pubs or nightclubs, there are always the Shisha lounges. Dubai has a great café culture and many people simply want to go for a shisha (flavoured tobacco in a water pipe) where they can relax with their friends, family and colleagues. There has been a recent ban on smoking shisha inside (similar to London) but this is not affected to those who want to smoke outside. Places such as the Cosmo Café on Sheikh Zayed Road or the Shisha Courtyard in Jumeirah are places that are recommended.


As the weather can get increasingly hot during peak times of the year, most shopping malls are open until late in Dubai. For those who enjoy shopping, after work or during the cooler period in the evening can be the ideal time to enjoy the nightlife in Dubai.


If you’re a film buff, it may be worth visiting the many cinemas in Dubai that are opening. Most of these cinemas show a variety of blockbusters from Hollywood, Bollywood (India) and Lollywood (Pakistan) in addition to local films. Most films carry subtitles so can be enjoyed by non native speakers and vice versa.


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