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Dubai Flights

Flights to Dubai From London Airports

Dubai Flights

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Flights to Dubai from London

Flights to Dubai From London Airports

Dubai has become one of THE travel destinations of the world in the last decade mainly because of its incredibly surreal and luxury tourism sector. The property boom firmly put Dubai on the map and consequently the Emirate marketed itself as one of the hottest places to be on the planet...literally! With the world’s tallest buildings, tax free shopping, world-class restaurants all year sunshine and some of the best hotels it's no wonder that so many people decide to visit...and sometimes stay.


With a large expat community living in the UAE there are many flights to Dubai from London.


Dubai is one of seven Emirates that form the United Arab Emirates located in the Middle East. The most popular airport for travellers visiting the city is Dubai International Airport (DXB). Direct flights are approximately 7 hours from London Heathrow (LHR). Once you land you will have to adjust your watches either 4 hours ahead of the UK (winter); or 3 hours in the summer.

London Airports that Fly to Dubai

For long haul flights there are primarily three airports in London, these are London Heathrow (LHR), London Gatwick (LGW), and London Stansted (STN). These airports will fly direct to the Emirate whereas other airports such as London City Airport (LCY), and Luton will tend to be indirect with connecting flights from other European locations such as Paris, Amsterdam, Zurich and Frankfurt.


Before flying out, should you require Dubai's currency (Dirham), there are plenty of bureaux de change facilities available at all the London airports. What we would recommend though is only to use the service unless you absolutely must as it can be quite expensive. It is always better to use a local service in the UAE to obtain the best foreign exchange rate.

Business or Pleasure, the Airlines Cater For All

Whether you are going for personal or commercial reasons to the Emirate, there are many business facilities in the terminals of airports at both ends as well as the aeroplane itself. To make use of these services, it is better to book business or first class since there will be limited options with economy.

Indirect and Direct Flights to Dubai from London - A list of Airlines

Below are some of the airlines that go to Dubai from the London airports. Please check with the tour operator or via the airport's website to get further advice and help 24 hours a day. Please note that indirect flight durations are subject to change all the time as they can stop in other destinations than those mentioned and connecting times can either be longer or shorter so please check this information before reservations or bookings. Also, the duration time will also be slightly different from different London airports.


  • Flying with Emirates - Direct Flight - journey time 6 hours 50 mins
  • Flying with KLM - Indorect, connects in Amsterdam (AMS) - 10 hours 40 mins.
  • Flying with British Airways - Direct Flight 6 hours 50 mins
  • Air France - Indirect, connects in Paris (CDG) - 11 hours 40 mins
  • BMI (British Midland)
  • Swiss International Air - Indirect, connects in Zurich (ZRH) - journey time 13 hours 35 mins.
  • Oman Air - Indirect, connects in Muscat (MCT) - 12 hours 10 mins
  • Flying with Qatar Airways - Indirect, connection in Doha (DOH) - 9 hours
  • Egyptair - Indirect, connects in Cairo (CAI) - 11 hours 35 mins
  • Gulf Air - Indirect, connects in Manama (BAH) - 9 hours 25 mins.
  • Austrian Airlines - Indirect, connection in Vienna (VIE) - journey time 9 hours 15 mins
  • Royal Brunei Airlines - Direct Flight 7 hours 10 mins
  • Virgin Atlantic - Direct Flight - 6 hours 55 mins
  • Lufthansa - Indirect, connects either in Munich (Franz Josef Strauss International) or Frankfurt - Around 9 hours 25 mins.
  • Aeroflot Russian Airlines - Indirect, connects in Moscow (SVO) - journey time 13 hours 20 mins
  • Royal Jordanian - Indirect, connects in Amman (AMM) - 18 hours 25 mins.
  • Kuwait Airways - Indirect, connects in Kuwait City (KWI) - 22 hours 10 mins.

What to Look Forward to in Dubai

If you like nothing more than to be spending lots of money, then Dubai has not shortage of shopping malls. For example City Centre is one that has its own children's play area. The Dubai Mall and Mall of Emirates are also huge malls where you certainly will not get bored.


Tired of paying too much tax? (Who isn't?). Duty free shopping at departures at DXB airport is a great way of getting hold of some bargains.


Just like any world cosmopolitan city, Dubai has an array of restaurants to suit all tastes and palates, cafés and bars for it's burgeoning expat population.


Entertainment and nightlife are amongst the best in the Middle East. Dubai has a huge club scene with resident DJs coming to play from all over the world.


How about snow in the dessert? With Ski Dubai you can! Enjoy ski-ing down the slope or just watching from the Mall of Emirates shopping centre.


One of the biggest attractions of Dubai is it's beautiful weather and sandy beaches. With all year sunshine and its warm blue seas, its hardly surprising why people come to visit this gem.


The Burj Al Arab is the worlds only 7 star hotel, national icon of the city and also the worlds tallest hotel. It is the sheer epitome of luxury, indulgence and wealth. Fortunately you do not need to be a millionaire to eat at its restaurants.


With luxury accommodation comes corporate hospitality like no other. Dubai is now seen as a destination for short breaks and not a long haul trip. With such opulence and tranquil resorts, spa breaks and treatments are just what the doctor ordered.

Off-Peak and Peak Flight Season to Dubai

The best time to visit Dubai is towards the end of November upto the beginning of April, this is the winter and the coolest time of the year. The rest of the year can really get uncomfortably hot, especially between June to September where the temperature hits the mid 40s (centigrade). Although pretty much everywhere is air conditioned, it can still be quite a shock to the system if you haven't experienced this type of heat before. As a result, you can pick up some cheap flights during this period and all the usual facilities are available that you would expect during peak times.


Ramadan is the time of the year when Muslims around the world fast. Eating, drinking and smoking in public from sunrise to sunset is considered disrespectful so one must refrain from doing it. Ramadan changes by about 10 days per year. For more details on when Ramadan is this year, please visit our Dubai public holidays page. If you need flight deals, this is the time to get them reserved and booked!



Travelling with Young Children or those with Specific Health Requirements

When travelling with young babies or toddlers you may want to try and ask for 'exit seats' since these provide additional legroom and space. The best way to try and book these are to try and check-in your baggage as early as possible and ask at the information desk as you hand in your passports. This is a way to see if there is any availability. Sometimes however, the elderly or disabled passengers may get priority over you so do not be too frustrated if this happens. If you have young babies, you may be able to qualify for 'sky cots'. The age and size of the baby varies per airline so it might be worth contacting their customer service/information line.


In most cases, you are allowed to bring children's pushchairs upto the point of boarding the aircraft and assistance is available at the discretion of the airline.


As someone with a child who has special needs (feeding problems and is tube fed), I cannot begin to convey the importance of ensuring that you take all documentation regarding your child with you. Make sure you take photocopies of passports, doctor's letters and where possible, try and obtain a letter from your doctor less than 72 hours before flying. Trust me, having syringes, special feeds, pump sets and a feeding pump all attract attention on a plane but in order to clear security as swiftly as possible, take as much documentation with you as possible, especially if your child is 100% reliant on special milk and requires more than 100ml during the course of the flight. If you require special assistance then DO tell the airline prior to travel.


Airport Transfers and Car Hire on your London to Dubai Flight

Depending on where you are staying, many hotels provide an airport shuttle service. This is basically a coach which picks you up from the airport and takes you directly to the hotel that you have booked. If your hotel does not provide this then you can either take a taxi or hire a car in Dubai.


On a similar note, car parking can be arranged and is available at all the London airports, this can be either short stay or long-stay. Before you book ensure that the date availability confirms with the date you go away.

Morning, Evening or a Night Flight to Dubai?

This is one of those $64 million questions. The answer is simply, it depends on your requirements. If you have young children or are someone that can be ready to travel last minute on any available flight then it depends on you. Some people prefer to catch a day flight and arrive in Dubai airport late at night where they can have a good nights sleep. However, there are those that say that this is 'wasting a day'. I know many people that catch a late night flight and arrive early morning. This way, they can catch a few hours sleep, freshen up and then they have the rest of the day ahead of them. Chances are that both adults and kids had some sleep anyway.


When looking for your flights to Dubai from London airports, ensure that the fares include taxes as some websites do not disclose this until the last moment. Always remember to read the booking conditions and any small print. If in doubt, most reputable travel operators will have their contact details. Even in the age of technology, hearing somebody on the other end of a telephone can still be quite reassuring.