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Attractions in Dubai

If you need snow then visit Ski Dubai



Ski Dubai

If you need snow then visit Ski Dubai



The Ski Dubai is an indoor snow park (ski slope) based in the Mall of the Emirates shopping centre in Dubai, it is comprised of 6,000 tones of real snow and is 400 meters in length. It is an experience you simply cannot miss if you are visiting the Emirate. It comprises of over 22,000 square metres of ski area, covered with real snow and for those wishing to visit it, is strategically placed just off Shaykh Zayed Road. Regardless of your level of experience in ski-ing, whether you a professional slalom champion or just someone wanting to have a bit of fun, there are levels to suit all. Whether you are going there for birthday parties or you need cool corporate activities, this place does not fail to impress No doubt you will enjoy an amazing skiing and snowboarding fun whatever your level of experience.


In total below are the 6 levels that are available if you want to go skiing in Dubai;


Discovery Lesson

This is for those who have never ever been skiing or used a snowboard before. Ideal for those that are looking for some short-term holiday fun.


Beginner Slope

For those that have had an initial 'taster' on the discovery lesson and now want to move onto bigger and more exciting things.


Level 1

Focuses on very basic control. If you can make some simple turns and can stop on the beginner area then you are probably all set to move on to the next level.


Level 2

From here, you basically learn some more control. At this stage, you should be able to make turns at a good speed and very comfortably on all runs as well as learn how to slide. If you're a snowboarder/freestyler then you should be able to make some basic controlled jumps in the Ski Dubai.


Level 3

At this stage you should be trained to take the stair tow lift to the mid point of the station on your own. You will also be able to keep you skis parallel when skiing down the 'blue runs'. If you are a snowboarder then you should be able to simple curved turns. If you are a freestyler then you should be able to ski or ride switch.


Level 4 - The last level

This is where you can become quite accomplished for Ski Dubai.

As opposed to the mid station, you will be able to take the chairlift to the top of the station. Be able to make strong turns on the 'red runs' (the particular course designed for your level) and be able to control your speed with great ease and confidence.

As a freestyler being able to ski and also to be able to ride the tiny rails and be able to make the jumps are really what you will be aiming for.


If you have little or no experience, then the latter levels are for those that will be in Dubai for a while to come as naturally this is something that cannot be learned in quick succession. Before you are let loose on the slope, you will need to demonstrate certain skill requirements that you can ski otherwise you WILL be required to take lessons before being let loose on the main slope.


Learn the Basics with Professional Instructors

If you want to have some private coaching then why not get a private lesson? These private lessons last upto 1 and a half hours (90 mins) depending on your level of experience. If you would like to go in a group of people then you can usually have between 8 - 10 people per instructor. Or if you prefer private tutoring, you can go on an individual basis and pay your snowboard instructor per hour. You can learn the basics or learn how to freestyle and enjoy the real snow all year around.


Eat and Drink at the St. Moritz Cafe and Avalanche Cafe


If you prefer to watch as others ski and are looking for somewhere to eat, you can engage in some food and drink at the St. Mortiz Cafe. They have a range on various food for example a full breakfast, appetizers, salads, sandwiches, main courses, pastas, deserts, drinks and more. You wont go hungry if you go here. This café is located outside the Ski Dubai complex.


If you have been out on the slopes for a while and feel like a break, why not go to the Avalanche Cafe which is actually out on the slope? You can enjoy hot beverages as well as hot food including soups, chicken, smoked salmon and more. Absolutely idea since it can get cold after a while.


Skiing Equipment You’ll Need

As you queue up for your ticket, you will be required to have certain equipment. As part of your ticket price, you get the following free for the session; Trousers and Jackets. Skis, Ski poles, Ski boots and socks, Helmets for kids (if required). There are always promotions on so just ensure you find out prior to purchasing any tickets. Also make sure you read the terms and conditions to make sure that everything is valid and there isn't something you've overlooked.


What they wont provide free of charge are hats and gloves which will set you back a few dirhams. This is understandably due to health reasons. For further information on the fees and lessons price list (AED), you can visit the official website where prices are updated and where you can also make an online booking.

Membership Programmes at Ski Dubai

Slope Pass - This gives you three months access to the complex which includes a free locker, two free ski and snowboard academy lessons for others and also a 25% discount at the ski & snowboard academy. There’s lots of other goodies including discounts and vouchers.


If you intend on being in the vicinity and maybe want to come back later again the same day, you may want to invest in a 'Super Pass', this gives you unlimited access for the whole day which means you don't need to pay again if you leave the complex. Currently the price is 200 AED but please check to make sure prior to visiting to make sure it is accurate.

Ski Dubai's Freestyle Nights

Want something a little different and unique? The Freestyle nights happen every 2 weeks on a Monday between 8.00 pm and 11.00 pm but instead of paying for 2 hours, you get the third one free. You get to do various kinds of runs in the freestyle zone but you MUST wear a helmet.


The majority of reviews for Ski Dubai are positive as it is suitable for individuals and families and is relatively safe. Towards the bottom there is a section for kids or those who do not want to engage in any ski-ing on the slope.

Ski Dubai Opening Times

Sunday - Wednesday: 10 am - 11.00 pm
Thursday 10.00 am - 12.00 Midnight
Friday: 9.00 am - 11.00 pm
Saturday: 9.00 am - 11.00 pm



For the latecomers the last tickets will be sold;


Saturday - Wednesday: 9.30 pm
Thursday - Friday: 10.30 pm
Saturday - Wednesday: 9.30 pm
Thursday - Friday: 10.30 pm



Please remember that this page is for informational purposes only. You may want to find out things like standard pricing, terms and conditions etc beforehand.