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Cisco and all the big firms are present in Internet City

IT Jobs in Dubai


As a new city which is growing and developing its infrastructure, telecoms and information technology play a vital role in keeping things constantly moving on a day to day basis. If you are somebody planning on moving out to the Emirate and work in this field then there are an abundance of IT Jobs in Dubai.

IT is a huge and diverse sector and as a result there are many job opportunities in Dubai. Internet City is a technology park based near Jumeirah which houses multinationals such as Microsoft, Dell, HP, Cisco as well as other BPO companies.

If you are into network infrastructure and are Cisco certified, you may be fortunate enough to even work for Cisco in Dubai Internet City.

As companies expand and develop, there is a growing demand to employ IT support staff that are on hand all the time. This includes managers as well as 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support personnel. The salary for each of these types of roles will obviously vary depending upon your skills, qualifications and experience. Furthermore, although speaking Arabic is not essential, it can always be an advantage.

IT contract jobs in Dubai are also available. More and more recruitment agencies in the UK are advertising these types of roles. Generally speaking, some openings may start out as a short-term contract leading to a permanent role.

As mentioned above, as business expand; more and more companies are looking to streamline their processes by introducing better IT systems. As a result jobs in the Gulf, especially in the UAE region are increasing all the time which can only be a good thing for jobseekers.

Software testing jobs in Dubai have also become quite popular. This seems to be a growth industry and firms are on the lookout for good Test Leads/Managers as well as Test Analysts with significant experience in manual and automation testing. The banking sector seems to be especially buoyant.

Specialist areas with IT such SAP, Oracle, Unix and Citrix are always very sought after. Software developers will always do well in this region as there is a growing demand for bespoke systems in all areas of industry.

Labour however can be cheaper from South East Asia and firms in most cases employ people from management backgrounds from the Western World so as somebody from the UK, you may want to try and include as much management experience as you can.

Its always a good idea to try and find good recruitment consultants that specialise in the IT industry as trying to find work in the UAE differs immensely to that of the UK.

On that note, you must ensure that your CV/Resume is tailored to this region as a universal UK or US CV/Resume will not be enough. Finally, before you go out to Dubai, ensure that you have all your qualifications and any certificates attested by a notary in your area. If you are fortunate enough to land yourself a job, it means you save yourself upto weeks of red tape and paperwork