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Dubai Internet City

Jobs in Dubai Internet City


Internet City is a dedicated area within Dubai that focuses on technology companies. It is only a few minutes drive from Sheikh Zayed if you were driving towards Abu Dhabi and The Palm Jebel Ali.


When you visit Internet City, it is one of the most unique 'technology parks' in the world. The world 'technology park' must be used loosely as you will find out once you visit. Dubai Internet City is a free zone within Dubai which means companies can trade freely without the use of a local sponsor. These are specific government designated areas and as a result there are many jobs in Dubai Internet City that are available.


Microsoft - Dubai Internet City


Upon entering the entrance, you will see the unique logo with the water feature which is presented to you. Once you eventually park your car (if you are travelling by car) and take a walk, you will notice the beauty of this place. The weather in Dubai is always hot and blue skies are always prevalent so one is astounded when you see the beautiful palm trees and the reflection of crystal clear water in the man made lakes that have been specifically designed for this development. Not only is this an incredibly clean place but its wonderfully tranquil for a place that has some of the finest technological minds in the Middle East if not the world. As you look up you will notice popular brand names such as Microsoft, CISCO systems, 3M, AMD, Intel, D-Link and the list goes on.


Dubai Internet City is probably the only place within the region that has unlimited internet connectivity without any parts of it being censored. This may sound as a shock to some but this is just the way it is in Dubai and the UAE.


Even if you are not a technology buff, it is well worth visiting this amazing place just to have a coffee as there are plenty of places to eat and drink. You will notice many people from all parts of the world working in sync and most of all looking like they actually enjoy what they're doing.


The ambience and calm of Dubai internet city


As a thriving area, there are always plenty of jobs in Dubai internet City for exceptional candidates.


If you are in the vicinity then you probably want to check out Dubai Media City which is only a stone throw away.