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Making the transition to a new country can be a difficult decision to make. Many people each year make the choice of moving to Dubai for various reasons such as work, family and a better quality of life. As one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world with a booming economy even through the economic gloom is making people think about moving to Dubai from the UK. Before you decide to go anywhere, it is a good idea to think long and hard about the reasons why you want to move and if these are feasible.

For example, the first thing is to always actually go out there to see if you think you will like it. There are many stories of people moving to Dubai without realising the implications of their actions. Depending on how long your budget allows you to stay out there, change your frame of mind of that to a resident rather than a holidaymaker. Ask yourself how easy it is to do day to day tasks and chores you would do in your current home country. For example, how easy is it to complete all the red tape and paperwork? This alone can take several weeks.

Although the region enjoys incredible weather, for some this can be more of a problem. Some find that after a while they cannot handle the intense heat. Especially those from the western world such as Europe where it is quite mild and even cold in the year. The climate can reach over 45 degrees centigrade and the weather in Dubai is generally hot all year. In some cases this can be too much for an expat.

Before you move to Dubai, you need to ensure that you have at least somewhere to live. Finding accommodation can be quite a tricky task if you don’t know where to look. The key thing is to do your research prior to visiting the Emirate so you have a list of contacts to speak to. Remember to familiarise yourself with the Law of the land as what you may consider ok elsewhere may actually be unlawful. An example includes sharing a property with friends or family. This is not allowed and can actually get you into jail. Do check first though. Another thing is that although there are plenty of jobs in Dubai, you may want to ensure that you have all your paperwork attested and even before that send your CV out to potential agencies to get a feel for the market.

Whatever your reasons for relocating, becoming an expat in Emirate can be fun provided you ensure that you have carried out as much due diligence possible to make your relocation a pleasant one.