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Advertising vacancies can be found in media City

Advertising Jobs in Dubai

As a booming economy, Dubai is seeing incredible growth in all industry sectors. Media is one such industry sector that has seen a sharp rise in recruitment. Newspapers, TV, Radio and Internet companies are now looking for quality staff and as a result, advertising jobs in Dubai are in high demand. Whether this is advertising sales for ad space in any medium or whether this is for a media planning/buying role, you can be sure that there are companies on the lookout for clients who possess the right calibre of skills.


Media City and Internet City are two designated areas within Dubai where you will find an array of world class advertising agencies. Although advertising and marketing has been around for hundreds of years, it seems to be coming of age in Dubai and is growing year upon year. If you work in advertising, then Dubai is the destination you want to head to. With high budgets and a reputation of ‘bigger is better’, this is the land of opportunity where you can let your imagination and creative juices flow without boundaries.


Why not book a holiday or a trip to Dubai, head out to Media or Internet City and see it all for yourself?