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Cheap Hotels in Dubai are a Great Way to Save Money

As one of the world’s top holiday destinations, Dubai has built a reputation on its tourist industry. Because of the unprecedented success of the country as a tourist hotspot there is a growing demand for cheap hotels in Dubai in addition to its already high calibre world renowned hotels. If you have budget to stay at some of the countries luxury hotels then great, however, the general populous will not be able to afford 5 star accommodation.


Dubai has many cheaper and low cost hotels that also have fantastic service at a fraction of the cost. Generally, if you want to find cheap affordable hotels and deals, the best place to avoid the New Dubai areas such as Jumeirah where prices are always high and where most boutique and luxury accommodation reside. The Sheikh Zayed Road area is also a no no as this is also very sought after and can cost a lot higher than other regions.


If you are on a tight budget, areas to look at are; Deira, Bur Dubai and Al Satwa. Deira is a renowned area and is home to a large population of migrant workers. The good thing is that you are only a 10-15 minute walk to the gold souk which is right next to the Creek. It makes a very good walk, and because Dubai is a virtually crime free Emirate, it is relatively safe to travel at any time of the day or night although we would always encourage people to use common sense and be vigilant at all times. If you want to see how the local migrant workers who are generally from a Pakistani background live, then its definitely worth staying in Deira. As a result, there are plenty of budget and inexpensive hotels in this area but just don't expect anything to extravagant. Deira also has some good apartment type hotels which are well suited to families and also quite cheap in comparison to the prices just a few miles up the road. Kitchens, washing machines etc can all be found at a lower cheaper cost than places like Jumeirah. Hotels to check out are the Le Meridien in Deira which is a good starting point. Be sure to try and find something in the locality of Bani Yas Square which is the main hub.


Below are some bargain inexpensive hotels in Deira;


  • Semiramis Hotel – 2 Star
  • Nihal Hotel – 2 Star
  • Gulf Pearl – 2 Star
  • Mount Royal – 2 Star
  • Jonrad Hotel – 3 Star


Bur Dubai Hotels are slightly different to Deira, it is a buzzing little area which is home to a large Indian migrant population (mostly from Karela). It is close to shopping malls such as Ibn Batuta Mall, and is about a 10 minute drive to Jumeirah. It has a fantastic market called ‘Mina Bazaar’ which specialises in clothing that you can get at good prices. There are many cheap low cost hotels in Bur Dubai that you will be able to find.


Some of the cheap hotels in Bur Dubai include;


  • Golden Sands Hotel Apartments
  • Admiral Plaza Hotel
  • Rush Inn Hotel
  • Ramee Hotel Apartments
  • Landmark Plaza Hotel


Hotels in Al Satwa should really be on the bottom of the list unless you are on a very tight budget. Although the area runs parallel to Sheikh Zayed Road, it is the area which is considered to be the main place where migrant workers stay. There are many good places to eat in Al Satwa although tourists very rarely stay in Al Satwa.


In order to really benefit from cheap accommodation, the best way to acquire it at the best price is either to book very very early or you can always book last minute. The former would be ideal for those with families or those that have an idea of when they can take time off from work etc. The latter would potentially be more suitable for singletons or those that can travel at the ‘drop of a hat’. Whatever you decide, finding cheap hotels is not as difficult as you think, just set yourself the right expectations and budget and it shouldn’t be too difficult.



It is advised that before you book any cheap hotels in Dubai that you research thoroughly. We would encourage you read reviews of the hotels that you are staying at so you have carried out the relevant due diligence to ensure there are no surprises when you arrive.