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Deira City Center

Clock Tower Deira Dubai

Deira Dubai - City Center & Creek


Deira is a booming part of Dubai. It is known most famously for its shopping centre which is one of the centrepieces of the Emirate. Below is a brief overview of what Deira is known for;


Deira City Center
The city center is still the most popular shopping center in Dubai. Although there are bigger and better malls, it still seems to be the most popular. It was one of the first shopping complexes to be setup in the region and hosts household brand names which range from fashion, electronics, restaurants and more with all things you would expect from a busy shopping center.


The great thing is that you can find pretty much everything under one roof and do not need to leave. A great section dedicated to food means you can eat whenever you want. Right next to the food court is a dedicated are for children which means that your children never get bored. Simply buy a top-up card and have as many turns on the rides as you like.


Bus Tour company outside Deira City Center


If you love to watch movies then Deira Shopping mall has a fantastic cinema that shows films from Hollywood, Bollywood (India) as well as local films in Arabic.


We all know that Dubai is a VERY hot country, however as soon as you step inside either via the car park or through the main entrance(s), you will feel the air conditioning hit you, in fact on some occasions it can even get cold.


Unlike shopping malls in the western world such as London, Deira City Center closes at around midnight with the cinema shutting later so you can shop until you drop, an absolute shopper’s paradise.


Dubai Creek & Abra
If you like water then you will definitely love Dubai Creek. The creek in comparison to locations such as Sheikh Zayed Road is completely different. Dubai creek and generally the Deira area have a large south Asian community such as those from Pakistan, Bangladesh and southern parts of India mainly Kerala. The contrast of the business district to Deira is amazing. On one side of the Creek lies the Deira business district, on the other side lies the old spice souk, in order to get to the other side one must take the water taxi (abra) for a nominal fee. At first it can be quite daunting as there aren’t any barriers on these boats but as long as you hold tight and stay still the view is absolutely amazing.


Dubai water taxi or otherwise known as the Abra


You won't be sitting on the QE2 but its definitely worth the trip across to the spice souk. Once you arrive at the other end you pay. The views from the abra are amazing and you can see the reflections of the sun beating down onto the river. You will also see the creek towers and other famous landmarks such as the National Bank of Dubai Building.


If you really want to enjoy the moment, its definitely worth having something to eat from the many eateries set up aside the water.


Since then, the country has been boomed and become one of the fastest growing economies, even during the financial problems which we are faced with. World class and daring architecture has taken Dubai to another level when it comes to buildings and real estate. With its all year round sunshine and incredible quality of life, its no wonder foreigners are calling Dubai their home by buying property. Whether you want to buy or rent a 1 bedroom studio flat or a townhouse or villa on the Palm Jumeirah, there are properties for everyone. For those people that made the initial ‘high risk’ investment in the ‘early years’ (2001 onwards), they have made significant returns on their assets with some even moving into the dubai property rental market which also seems to be booming.