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Dune Bashing & Dubai Desert Safari



Dubai Desert Safari

Dune Bashing & Dubai Desert Safari




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A trip to Dubai would never be complete without going on a desert safari which includes dune bashing. Booking this is generally quite straightforward, simply speak to someone at the reception desk at the hotel you are staying at and they should be able to arrange this for you. They will either call up a company and arrange everything for you or they will give you a leaflet for companies that offer desert safaris.




The desert safari is an evening event so you will generally be picked up late afternoon in a jeep where you will be taken deep into the dessert. The drive normally takes about an hour but its definitely worth it. Once you arrive in the desert the jeep you are in will have its tyre pressure reduced so it can balance on the sand, we wont give away too much as we recommend you experience this for yourselves. Don’t forget to take a camera and although it can be boiling hot during the day, the temperature at night can drop rapidly so don’t forget to also take a thin jacket or something to keep the cold out. It is also advisable to take some money with you as there are special stalls setup in the dessert where you can purchase clothing, have henna tattoos (mehndi) painted and buy other novelty items.


Desert Safari & Dune Bashing in DubaiDune bashing in Dubai is incredibly exciting and exhilarating and is something that is we recommended for all the family, couples, newlyweds etc.


Below is an overview of what is included in a typical desert safari/dune bashing evening;


• Jeep pickup late afternoon from your hotel
• Drive to the desert
• Dune bashing
• Camel rides (opportunity to take pictures here)
• Henna tattoos
• Belly Dancing
• Shisha
• Buffet dinner (includes local delicacies such as camel meat)

We would encourage travellers to go in a group as this is more exciting although there is no minimum limit, you can go by yourself if you want to.


Taking a camera is an essential part of the desert safari, not only will you be able to share these pictures at a later date but also be able to capture videos of the jeeps bashing the dunes as well as being able to capture the whole event.


Don't forget the camel ride which is part of the attractions of a Desert SafariYou will also have the opportunity to take pictures of the breathtaking sunset which is renowned in this part of the world, the unspoilt sands will allow you to appreciate nature’s beauty.


Safety: Because the dune bashing element is quite bumpy, it is advisable not to take infants or very young children as the majority of vehicles do not have adequate seating specifically for young children. Also, we would not recommend the extremely elderly to take part either as this is unsuitable for those that are frail.


We would recommend that you wear clothing that is comfortable as you will be sitting in the vehicles for a long period of time. Please avoid wearing expensive jewellery or generally anything uncomfortable.


All you need to do is to find a company that offers Dune Bashing and book now or click on the link below!